Friday, 27 November 2009


RICHARD TOMLINSON exposed as the JUDAS FIGURE in The 13th ONE ILL CULT game that i have been forced to play.


  1. Having just been thrown off my former RICHARD TOMLINSON blogspot - and having been given another BX code in relation to being refused access in order to post up any further comments...I am now starting upon the '12 new blogspots' that I created a few days ago.

    So I would guess that it is fitting that TOMLINSON aka RORY MACKLIN is colour-coded ORANGE and at NUMBER 12 in terms of my 'disciples' as the JUDAS figure.

  2. TOMLINSON was the one who stole my work from me...he was the one who came round to collect the HARRY POTTER books as they were ESSEX many years ago...and he didn't care whether or not I lived or died.

    He treated me like a beast of burden...I was almost anorexic and nearing a nervous breakdown at the time...he was treating me like a 'pack animal' - whom he simply had to beat, in order to get more work out of me. In the end, I simply refused to continue and left the university. I survived - just.

    That is why I never wrote the final book - and why the 'editors' took it upon themselves to complete the series.

  3. MR D'AJANI had given TOMLINSON a severe warning, in JERUSALEM 1980.

    "That is NOT the way that you treat your WIFE."

    Within the ILL CULT - I had been married off to RICHARD TOMLINSON. However 'macabre' that wedding might have been - certain standards of behaviour were required from all ILL CULT men in relation to their women and TOMLINSON fell far below those standards, in every possible way.

  4. The ‘regiment’ are laughing:

    “…everybody chooses him…oh, no - not the Spanish Inquisition…”


    I had a horrible memory back last night of FISHWICK and my father laughing at me as a child…they had been sexually abusing me…as a toddler…I had had my vagina and womb opened to act as a small receptacle - which they used…they used to balance me on top of them and tell me to move around…however, this time…I had done something peculiar…I had massaged my vulva whilst they were raping me…and that had made them fall about laughing.

    FISHWICK said to my father ‘who taught her to do that?’

    ‘john waters’

    He knew about tantric sex…he knew that for a woman to orgasm…she had to massage her atrophied penis…and he had wanted me to ‘meet him in the cosmos’…which we then did. I was only a toddler at the time…but I could still ‘do’ tantric sex - isn’t that odd?


    I remember saying to DALDRY in PRAGUE (who was channelling PRINCE CHARLES at point):

    “Are you a size queen?…are you a size queen…I’ve got a little one…it’s even smaller than yours…”


    The BI network were talking about women’s vulvas this morning…the men were joking around ‘how big is your wife’s penis then?’

    This is all about re-framing women as they really are…WOMB-MEN…you could see women as ‘temperamental men’ in a way…natural hermaphrodites…and this is what makes the very idea of ‘pregnant men’ so incredibly stupid…you have already got ‘pregnant men’…and why you should want to get rid of women and to reproduce from cloned eggs…is really beyond, anything at all…


    This must actually be a very important subject or the networks wouldn’t be talking about it so much…the TEMPLAR idea to kill off all girls and women - must have been real - no joke, at all.

    Therefore, the subject had to be investigated, in detail and a riposte put up - to all of the ILL CULT TEMPLARS (and whoever was running them).


    I tried to get back on the internet just now and into BLOGGER…

    Once on the BLOGGER START page…I saw the QI PAPERS as a new BLOG of NOTE and clicked on that one…only the title came up…none of the posts or photographs…(little red Xs marked the spot)…I then tried to log onto blogger and my internet connection failed…so now I am going to try again…


    My mother rang me up earlier this morning…to talk about the BILLS…she told me that if I paid them first out of my HSBC account and then sent her PROOF of this…then she would pay them.

    How likely is that?

    Anyway, she then told me to go to my doctor’s and ask for more money - in relation to EMPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT…

    I explained to her that my doctor wasn’t the person who issued a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for benefits anymore…and that this would be a waste of time…I would have to go to the JOB CENTRE and see one of their own ‘doctors’…and he would probably certify me as ‘fit to work’ and that cycle of hell at the JOB CENTRE would begin again…(being forced to work for nothing in some dead-end ’work experience’ post - where the ILL CULT would put in their people to abuse me - I didn’t tell her this bit - she would have accused me of being work-shy or paranoid).

    I simply told her that I hadn’t been asked for a 3 monthly review at the JOB CENTRE for my benefits (along with a MEDICAL test) and that this was to my benefit - (my old MEDICAL CERTIFICATE from PETER BRUFF ward, was still covering me, for some reason)…because the above might ensue, if I did.

    My mother then told me that ‘when the CONSERVATIVES get in’…that they would basically try to stop all benefits and force everybody to work in some capacity…

    This is rather alarming…my mother tends to let ‘slip’ ILL CULT plans now and then…and if she thinks that the above will happen…then that is probably what will have been planned to happen.

    All I can say to that one is:

    VOTE LABOUR in the coming elections…and hope that LABOUR hasn’t been programmed to do the same as the CONSERVATIVES.

  7. Bizarrely enough - even though I have published 6 COMMENTS upon this blogspot - this morning...

    Upon the actual blogspot - it is only registering 4 COMMENTS.

    A 'glitch' in the computer system...things falling apart?

  8. Two men are inspecting downstairs (underneath this flat - on the ground floor of BELLE COURT) with a torch and clipboard...the other looks vaguely familiar...I cannot place the school/college scarf...

  9. i can remember now - in the CAGE basement room - the ARMY blocked off the door to the rest of the ILL CULT 'lab' and study/bedrooms for the ILL CULT staff - those who were told to 'experiment' upon those put in these BELLE COURT flats...

    The ARMY did so with wooden that these people couldn't access BELLE COURT via this route and in secret...i.e. they didn't have to go out of the building.

  10. What I mean is - the ARMY made sure that those people couldn't use this 'secret access' route into BELLE COURT.

    I can hear those two men who entered the ground floor...banging around the CAGES underneath this flat...what are they looking for?

  11. I have a sneaking suspicion that the one who is wearing a 'school scarf' might have been an ILL CULT 'god' around here but do not quote me on it...

  12. I should look up the news about that horrific fire in that 'new build' of flats in LONDON...

    Why didn't BI stop it - they must have known that it would happen...because they had tracked me all of the way, in 2004...even down to the MONTY PYTHON 'spanish inquisition' saga...

    Perhaps it 'had to happen' in the same way that MARK R had said 9-11 had to that people would sit up and take notice rather than letting the ILL CULT steamroller on...


    The NEW BLOG OF NOTE - is LADY DIANA's and it is all about RABBITS...

    'john waters' says that it is a particularly nasty and vicious site...

    All I can see at a bunch of cute bunnies...I was supposed to be the AMELIA one with the PINK eyes...the TYLER one who grooms me - is supposed to be TOMLINSON...with either RIMINGTON or ROS getting annoyed...

  14. The PRINCES have added their 'Chinese comment' to the last post:




  15. I suppose that this comment is helping me...if I had needed help, this relation to talking about the G-SPOT...although that is more a case of the 'back of the penis' within the vaginal wall...than the atrophied penis of the VULVA.

  16. Chinese to English translationShow romanization
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  17. What is the massage stick of the aircraft CUP?

    Is this the 'joy stick' that you use when piloting a POD?

    What is really being said here?

    '...the GOLDEN CUP was floating in the air...'

    This was all about some competition...are the two CUPS linked in some way?

  18. This ORANGE blog is getting weirder every time I post another comment...firstly the 'counter' keeps on getting the post number last count it was registering 8 when I had posted 11 posts....

    ...and after posting the last post...I got a page saying that the LINK IS BROKEN...

    I clicked on refresh page - and got back to 'post a comment'...which is where I am now writing this next comment...

    The URL for commenting appears to have been changed as well:

  19. The last comment posted okay as I can I will move on to something else that my mother told me to do:

    Get the PHELAN CARPENTER back in and shave off the doors so that they can be put back on their hinges over the carpets...

    My mother had concluded that the carpenters had made the doors overly long in order to get a bit more work - shaving doors off at £15 a time - however she had also concluded that it was our responsibility to get them shaved and not CHPS...therefore she was willing to stump up the money.

    I am unsure about all of this...

    In 2004, I had told COLLIE to leave that front door to the flat because it was so stiff that if anybody tried to break in...I would hear it...

  20. You can see why 'john waters' said the above - about this BUNNY site.

    Look at the comments left under the penultimate post:

    These people should have been locked up in asylums, a long time ago.

  21. Yes, I can remember now...the house...the rabbits...we had been taken there and told that we were the rabbits...we were then told to compose the website about ourselves - in order to make it a bit more interesting and witty than our 'masters' could sick is that?

  22. Some comments are LEADEN with IRONY - TOMLINSON's for example:

    Fez and the Gang said...
    It's true, we are a mysterious and fascinating mammal. Thank you for enlightening other humans about the complexities of our ears.

  23. Somebody wants to make it QUITE CLEAR that this is LADY DIANA's blogspot:

    Robert Fenwick said...
    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for viewing my blog. I was about to answer your question in comments, and ...I'm just learning to negotiate the blogophere... I must have clicked the wrong link inadvertently, because your comment has completely disappeared from my blog. Most mysterious!

    Anyway, I'm planning on writing a short article about the four pillars pretty soon for the blog, so I hope you'll keep watching for it. In answer to your question per se, the Year Pillar is the describer of your constitutional nature, sort of the "Grand Master" of your personality. The other three pillars have different scale and function, but it's the Year Pillar that's going to win any arguments, in the long run.

    Please do leave more comments if you have other questions about using the tong shu, or on chinese astrology in general. I'm making up a queue of topics suggested by viewers/subscribers which I can deal with in special essays.

  24. What is the TIAODAN of the PRINCES' comment.

    I am assuming here TIAO-DAN

    DAN meaning that MOSSAD computer program...

  25. DIAO - was the MA DIAO program...

  26. You can see how the PRINCES had been playing this 'multi-game' since childhood...that is why MACDONALD had taken the piss out of their 'multi-game' in his YOUTUBE video.

    We had cards/mousetrap/monopoly/cluedo/ name it...and now we have MA JONG/DIAO to add to the list...


    LADY DIANA as owner of this new BLOG OF NOTE calls herself:

    DIANA MOLL in the GANGSTER'S MOLL, I presume...

    Diana Moll
    Age: 51
    Gender: Female
    Astrological Sign: Taurus
    Zodiac Year: Dog
    Industry: Arts
    Occupation: acupuncturist
    Location: Santa Cruz : California : United States
    About Me
    Acupuncturist, herbalist, printmaker, indentured servent to rabbits, parent, etc........


    Check out the other 'bunny sites' in BLUE - the last one is particularly weird...

    LA VIE EST BELLE - all photographs were taken by AMADEUS as far as I can recall...


    No prizes for guessing who M.kate was, upon LADY DIANA’s blogspot.

    I have just had a weird message from the MASONIC network…they found DIANA in SANTA CRUZ…this has been an international operation for the MASONS…

    So I can take it that LADY DIANA will not be ‘coming back from the dead’ then?


    I looked up TIAODAN and found this upon a google search:

    Adult Supplies Fun Supplies Tiaodan China ,Others,Amusement Park ...
    23 Jun 2008 ... Adult Supplies Fun Supplies Tiaodan China ,Others,Amusement Park made in China ,chinese wholesaler Adult Supplies Fun Supplies Tiaodan ... - Cached - Similar

    Yes, the PRINCES weren’t trying to help me at all - (whatever made me think that they might?) - they were trying to distract with the G-SPOT reference.

    I can remember now - RIMINGTON had told me to buy a VIBRATOR at this point…she had even taken me down to the local ‘adult shop’ in CLACTON to do so…whereupon I would be abused by the woman in the shop - who was instructed to shout at me that I was a ‘pervert’ and then chase me out of the shop…

    Presumably the ILL CULT were hoping that the OLANZAPINE would have sent me ‘sex mad’ by this point - it is supposed to higher your sex drive as well as sending you off your head, whilst killing off your brain. No such luck, HA HA.

    Did I also mention that RIMINGTON had also decided to put me upon the SEX OFFENDER register at this point - RIMINGTON had taken me into CLACTON library - and told me to go into the children’s section…only to be chased out again by that MANAGER who was instructed to start shouting at me that I was on this ‘offender’s list’ and that I wasn’t allowed into the children’s section.

    As far as I know - my name isn’t on that list - as it damn well shouldn’t be (oops - I sweared a bit, there).


    I looked up what had happened in relation to ‘fire flats london’ on a google search and found SKY NEWS…

    In fact, I just typed up SKY KNEW and had to correct the above sentence…which is presumably why they have the video footage of it…all rather 9-11 then…

    Now - I do not have time to go back through all of the websites and emails of yesterday (see previous notes and references) but as soon as I read the surname of the family UDOAKA…I flashbacked to yesterday and having read a strange misspelling:


    It had stuck in my mind for some reason…but I had nothing to relate it to…and now I begin to wonder:

    “Baby Michelle Udoaka, who was just three weeks old, was pronounced dead in hospital while her mother Helen Udoaka, 34, was found dead on the 11th floor.”

    Was HELEN UDOAKA a 13th ONE?

    It makes your blood run cold - doesn’t it?

  32. Lakanal House - that is apparently the name of the CAMBERWELL flats - they were old flats - not a 'new build'.

    However, I 'know' that RIMINGTON 'knew' that this was all going to happen.

    I can remember more now - whilst in this flat - RIMINGTON had told me that 'they' had planned another fire as well as the one that she wanted me to start in BELLE COURT - she had instructed me to set fire to my curtains - in order to create a blaze in this block of flats.

    In 2004 - I had some old heavy blue cotton 'Indian curtains' that I had simply pinned across the window frame...the same 'curtains' that my mother had given me for GARDEN COTTAGE...and which she tried to do again, when I first moved into this flat.

    I refused - we then went and brought some proper blinds - which I put up, myself.

  33. LAK-ANAL figures doesn't it? I should find out the postcode...

  34. I tried:

    It has various searches that you can enter...e.g. street name, place name and so on...NOTHING worked for LAKANAL HOUSE.


    The above is the link to the ROYAL MAIL POSTCODE FINDER.

    i want to find LAKANAL HOUSE.

    I entered this as the house name - and was presented with that oddity - being asked to enterr a CODE before the 'finder' would work. This had happened to me in relation to BELLE COURT, the second time that I was to use this 'finder' (not the first time - it worked without a code).

    The code was:


    Anyway, the ROYAL MAIL POSTCODE FINDER couldn't find the POSTCODE for:


    It figures, doesn't it?

  36. Scanner

    I forgot to mention that I had booked on the SCANNER a couple of days ago - to use it yesterday, in CLACTON LIBRARY…upon number 11 computer…

    (Note to myself - the 11th floor of LAKANAL HOUSE - the number 11 stands for the ‘priestly class’ and is coded ORANGE as far as I know).

    I got there early and found a slot before my 3pm hour…only 15 minutes…but I only wanted to test it to see if the scanner was actually working and so booked.

    I found to my surprise that somebody had put the HPJET files back onto number 11...and so I simply followed the instruction sheets beside the computer…until it came to saving my ‘scan’.

    MY DOCUMENTS wouldn’t save the file - it disappeared after I had saved it there (as the instructions recommended)…however, MY DOCUMENTS had two files within it:


    I decided to open MY MUSIC and try to save the ‘scan file’ in there. It worked.

    I could then open the saved document and copy it to my MEMORY STICK (you cannot use the HP program to do this - you have to save the scanned file elsewhere upon the library computer first - this is quite hard - ESSEX LIBRARY governmental computer system tries to stop you from saving any files upon their computers).

    After I had completed this and logged off…I got a flash of MACDONALD telling me the following:

    “LOG ON for 15 minutes and complete the ‘test’ in that time - to impress the MASONS.”

    I have no idea whether or not the MASONS were impressed but I managed to ‘master’ the scanner in that time.


    Anyway, I went into the LIBRARY today in order to find a book upon how to do the CRYPTIC CROSSWORD….I had a hunch that this tied in with ‘MI6 crossword fiends’ (as I used to call them) and POSTCODES…because it is all about anagrams and punning…

    I went up to the first floor where the ‘gaming books’ are normally kept.

    Where is that?

    It is in the ‘Masonic section’ of the library - see previous notes.

    You walk to the back of that floor from the lift or staircase and then turn left until you get to the window…you will have walked past all of the MUSIC books…but upon the lowest shelf and at the end of this MUSIC shelf…you used to be able to see all of the ‘gaming books’ that covered everything in terms of board/card games…from poker and ‘card magic’ - to CROSSWORDS.

    You used to be able to…because the whole section 793 had now moved…

    I found this particularly odd…because RIMINGTON/TOMLINSON used to put their most important ILL PROGRAMMING OBJECTS at the end of this very ‘gaming book’ shelf. See previous notes as to how I had to remove quite a few of them - once I had first moved to CLACTON.

    Anyway, I went to the above location today…to find that the ‘gaming books’ had all been removed…and replaced by MUSIC BOOKS…which was in keeping with all of the shelves in that area…and at the end of that particular bottom shelf ‘right-hand of the row’ location…and after that ‘iron clip’ which separates the books from the rest of the empty shelf…was a twist of a transparent bit of sellotape…or sweet paper…but nothing on it…just a clear piece of cellophane…twisted around into a snake-like object…so I removed it…because anything in that location, wasn’t a ‘good thing’ to my eyes…it would have been put there to program people…programming people is bad…therefore I removed it.

    I then looked around a bit - for where those ‘gaming books’ might be…couldn’t find them and so went downstairs to ask…

    An assistant came up with me and almost immediately ‘knew’ where they had been moved to…just around the corner and facing an entirely different numbered selection of books…was it the TRAVEL section…I think that it was…and a much lower number in terms of category…

    I ‘knew’ that it was important for her to ‘know’ that these books had been moved, for some reason…

    Although as I could see….even though she professed ignorance as to where they might have gone…once up there…she immediately ‘knew’ where they were.

  38. So the long, short and the tall of it all - is that I borrowed:

    CHAMBERS CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS (and how to solve them)

    Let me backtrack a bit…I had found out that these ‘gaming books’ were coded 793 because I had looked the word CROSSWORD up on an ELAN search…and ‘knew’ that the CHAMBERS book was the one to take out…for some reason…and I ‘knew’ why:

    ERIKA CHAMBERS in the LEBANON - see previous notes.

    My great aunt Valentine’s married name had been CHAMBERS.

    I can also add here that the SAUDIS had sanctioned that particular operation - the ARAB world were at their wits’ end - in relation to insane Palestinian tactics…terrorism…all fuelled by MI6 who had so many of them under mind control and were continuing to program them as TERRORIST BOMBERS.

    It was the ARAB WORLD who had wanted that ‘cell’ in the LEBANON ‘disposed of’ (after the MUNICH Olympics) and it was done.

    The whole event had shocked them so much - they didn’t want to be tainted and smeared in that way - made to ‘carry the can’ for an operation that was not of their doing.

  39. So now I have come full circle - back to square one - 16 years old - being 'used' by the MOSSAD to get rid of people who were planning the worst atrocities imaginable, in the LEBANON and by SAUDI sanction.

  40. So now I have come full circle - back to the LEBANON - where I began - in 1979. I had been supposedly 'hired out' to the MOSSAD in order to 'get' the terrorist PALESTINIAN leader, who was hiding out in the LEBANON.

    The whole operation wasn't a MOSSAD operation so much as an ARAB one - the SAUDIS had sanctioned it.

  41. The whole thing kind of reminds me of AMADEUS' reaction to the TEMPLAR CASTLE events in relation to the JESUITS...'we were bad but not that bad' sort of thing...

    When you shock even the JESUITS and the SAUDIS in terms of psychotic WACO lose lose influence.

  42. The TEMPLAR CASTLE - 'run' by PRINCE PHILIP for the PRINCES (so that they can learn themselves, how to run ILLuminati 'games')...

    ...the castle itself...owned by LORD LEVY...

    The SNUFF TAPES to be sent to GOLDMAN-SACHS...

    So who is to blame?

  43. The tapes actually got sent to the ISRAELI MILITARY (and one hopes the rebel group within them)...

    ...the tapes then made their way into the CIA very quickly...

    Which colour-coded base got them first then...or were they passed around all of them?

    Anyway, it appeared to be 'general knowledge' upon CAPITOL HILL and a great 'triumph' for the AMERICANS in general...I first saw a few excerpts in the company of OBAMA and his a CAPITOL HILL computer room...

  44. So the WAR OF INDEPENDENCE was won, yet again?

    Where does that leave the rest of us (non-Americans)?


    I was thinking this morning…of a train journey into central LONDON…I had been sitting in a CROWDED carriage…a student at the time…and I had been sitting by a youngish businessman…whom I just ‘knew’ wasn’t up to any good….and so I studied him as he filled in a daily TELEGRAPH cryptic crossword…

    He wasn’t even bothering to fill in ‘words’…just letters at random…within the 'up' or 'down' clue boxes…

    It looked as if he were doing the crossword really fast…but in fact, he wasn’t…

    I figured - ‘his boss is seated opposite to us - his boss cannot see what he is doing - this is a one-up-man-ship game and this guy is looking for promotion but at a subliminal level…’

    Only I, could see that he was filling in ‘crap’ into those boxes because I was sitting next to him…

    I eyed the guy next to me…obviously I wasn’t important…I looked like a ‘hippy student’…he realised that I was studying him - I wanted him to know what I was doing - he then gave me a smile and I gave him one in return…

    That made me laugh (internally - I had found out his game) therefore, I didn’t blow his cover by saying ‘ why are you filling crap into that crossword’?

  46. Did the guy get promotion - that is the question?

  47. I only cite the above - see previous notes about my encounter with the upper-classes in EAST BERGHOLT.

    i was made to feel 'below par' by an elderly woman who was renting her 'back field' out to my 'crazy friend' CAROLE...

    The woman who 'knew' so many members of the aristocracy and got on well with order to continue her 'lost and found rare sheep breeds' project...abandoned farm animals.

    Even though, as she admitted to me...her husband and herself, often killed and ate them, now and then...

    Her husband was the 'unoffical gamekeeper' of the local landowning aristocracy, the ELI/ELY family.

    This vile family were to money-grubbing to give him a real job - therefore he did a 'real job' on their lands - whilst having to claim on social security and housing benefit.

    An insight into how the 'aristocracy' and 'landed gentry' are now, today - in terms of 'the way that they think'.

  48. The above post was written too quickly and it didn't come out well - I shouldn't type so quickly...but one wants to get the general gist up.

    The ELY/ELI family had all of the money in the world but they wouldn't give this man a proper job.

  49. BRYN and his wife CAROLE then existed upon 'what they killed'...they filled their freezer up on what they had shot - upon the ELY/ELI land.

  50. BRYN and CAROLE had been forced to live virtually hand to mouth...

    BRYN acting as the ELY/ELI gamekeeper...shooting the deer who came to eat their budding shrubs of their arboreteum...and then taking the dead deer home to skin the rest...

    He could then 'exchange' what he had in terms of DEER/RABBIT MEAT in terms of 'favours' from the same boat.

  51. CAROLE, who belonged to really fierce animal rights groups...

    I had found it 'odd' that she wasn't a belong to such groups...normally you would be, right?

    She had been forced into a position where she couldn't order to money for food...

    This is how disgusting the ILL CULT can be in terms of PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE...

  52. Okay - i am a bit off-track here in relation to the subject to be discussed today and that seems to be:


    What could I dredge up from my past upon that one:

    TOBY MACKLIN at the PRAGUE DTO 1994-6, ostentatiously asking for the TELEGRAPH CRYPTIC CROSSWORD every morning (or almost)...and generally only being ever able to answer one 'clue' within the whole day...he would sit there...between lessons....and look at if he were trying to work it out...but over a whole day...he would only ever fill in one clue, generally...and others began to notice...

    He was dismissed as 'endearingly eccentric'...

  53. I couldn't believe his behaviour...did he want people to see him as a buffoon?

    I told him the above story about what had happened to me in a railway carriage and advised him to do the same as that 'other bloke'...TOBY looked at me with the eyes of a 'saint' and told me that this would be 'cheating'...

  54. So why not be a CHEATER?

    Obviously not part of your programming and the ILL CULT wanted to make you look a complete and utter dunderhead - TOBY MACKLIN.

  55. i wasn't part of the 'cultural class' that knew how to do TELEGRAPH CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS (or the TIMES or any other newspaper for that matter)...

    This was an upper-class/aristocracy 'thing' that you are taught to do and from almost birth...your parents do it...they teach you how to learn the acronyms...they teach you all of the 'secret stuff'...

    However, it is not so 'secret' nowdays...there are books in the library upon it...

  56. Yet it isn't a pastime that most people would willingly choose...

    Simply because it is so BRAIN-DEAD.

    You do not rely upon 'intelligence' to solve a CRYPTIC CROSSWORD - you have to rely upon MEMORY.

  57. i remember the 'old dear' in EAST BERGHOLT asking CAROLE and myself if we could solve a was a 'test' of what CLASS we were from...and she was very uppity about it - a real 'class-oneupmanship test'.

    CAROLE didn't answer...but I did...I hadn't got a clue...

    The 'old dear' then told me that I could learn how to do a book....that is what some peole order to 'learn how to do it'...however, if you were blessed by a family who knew how to do it...then they would teach you....

  58. The basic idea was that you bought the 'book' and learnt all of the 'rules' and then you could do it...

    So I went off to the local library at MANNINGTREE and got several books out upon it...

    One of them was an extensive COMPENDIUM of every possible ANAGRAM which could come up in a 'clue'.

    The list was almost impossibly extensive to myself...every chapter...from A-Z...all filled with acronyms...

    ...and the acronyms seemed to cover - every possible SOCIETY/CLUB/MILITARY or PARAMILITARY organisation in the entirety of the UK.

  59. No wonder DALDRY had said to me in PRAGUE 1995:

    "You have to join every club" - i.e. in order to 'get on' in BRITISH SOCIETY...

  60. DALDRY was proud of the fact that he was a 'member' of every 'club/institution/group/company' had ever heard of...

  61. This was a simple way to POWER in BRITISH join the 'clubs/organisations' attend their 'do' - their 'bash' and you walk away KNOW what BRITISH SOCIETY is all about...

  62. As I laughed...and 'outed' DALDRY for that one...he was a 'card-carrying member' of every single organisation going possible...and if they wouldn't let him in...he would apply pressure until they did.

  63. I have now to 'out' SYLVIA WOOD.

    Let us make this short and sweet.

    I helped her up the 'ladder' to become SENIOR TEACHER at the PRAGUE DTO in 1994.

    I did so because she had the skills for the job - nobody else did - and also because I had fallen for her 'hard-luck story' which went as follows:

    I am 40 years old

    I spent most of my time (since university) teaching EFL in GREECE.

    i was engaged to a GREEK MUSLIM guy from a wealthy family for about 3 years but his family put an end to it.

    I had an operation (I cannot even remember what it was for but a serious one) that resulted in me having panic attacks...and running, in the middle of the night...seveal where my friends' lived.

  64. I meant 'several miles' and I also meant 'operation' in terms of what SYLVIA had 'flashed' to me i.e a hospitial surgery room.

    She didn't say it - she simply 'flashed' me the image.

  65. SYLVIA became somewhat of an 'enigma'...rather like an incipient RIMINGTON in that PRAGUE DTO... the men who then began to 'kow-tow' to her...particularl the only ORTHODOX JOOISH guy there...he suddenly took a keen and sexual interest...

    Make of that, what you will...

    Anyway, years later...ELEANOR LURRING (who was of NORTHERN IRISH descent - and I am quite sure, upon the side of PUTIN)...told me that SYLVIA had made her way up the DTO tree...and was now upon a similar pegging as our old DTOM PETER SMITH had been...

    ELEANOR told me that SYLVIA was now the MANAGER of the DTO in the LEBANON.

    What can one make of that?

  66. The odd things that didn't ring true about SYLVIA:

    1. SHE didn't know what C OF E meant...yet generationally. she was much older than me and her school...apparently a 'comprehensive' would have given her C OF E hymns etc...

    2. She knew how to do a cryptic crossword...which TOBY MACKLIN couldn't do to save his life (I remember her doing half of one in about an hour of her free time, one afternoon - in the DTO staffroom - so where and how had she 'learnt' this? It is a 'learnt thing' not an 'intelligence' test - and generally someting that your family teaches you how to do, from an early age...a cultural thing...of the upper-classes...')

  67. All I can say in summary is this: if you want to have power in UK SOCIETY - you join everybody (as DALDRY did) - you learn the ACRONYMS of each given body...and then you 'know' everything.

  68. The first book of CROSSWORD acronyms that I had studied whilst I was at GARDEN COTTAGE circa 2000...were simply DICTIONARIES of the many different societies...

    Yet NOW in 2009 - none of these books are available anymore...not on the library network, at any rate.

  69. I meant the 'first books' and not 'book'...

  70. I LOVE being careless about how I write and how many 'errors' I can write...

    ...I can then correct them, myself...afterwards.

    This is psychologically 'HEALING'.

    I use the internet to air my thoughts...I then use it to 'correct' my own time...

  71. In point of fact, there were 3 BOOKS upon CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS that I had got out...from MANNINGTREE LIBRARY...I thought that they were all very dull...

    Why did I think that they were dull?

    Because it was simply a 'memory test' had to learn the book or books...and then apply them according to strict rules.

    I found that INTENSELY dull.

    So I memorise the book then I can 'pretend to be intelligent on a train into LONDON with a newspaper in front of me'.

    Are you really telling me that this is the score?

  72. MI6 answer:

    "YES, no intelligence required at all. You know the system. Get on with it."

  73. So SYLVIA WOOD had worked your system out?

    She had told me that she had been 'born in the NORTH of England'...that her father had died early on...that her mother used to work part-time at a BAKERY...upon close inspection...a CAKE SHOP...and that had paid her way and SYLVIA's...

    So when and where did SYLVIA learn how to do a CRYPTIC CROSSWORD but not know what C of E meant?

  74. On top of that...whilst I was in the 'pits' i.e that slum of a bedsit that TOMLINSON et al...had allocated to me 'because you have been disobedient'...

    ELEANOR wrote to me...telling me that TOBY MACKLIN (as in TOMLINSON'S brother) had been to visit SYLVIA in the LEBANON.

    She couldn't understand how TOBY and his erstwhile wife RACHEL DAVIES could be on a first-terms basis with SYLVIA...considering RACHEL had hated her like poison...and done everything to oust her, from her position in the PRAGUE DTO...

  75. SYLVIA had now been 'elevated' to DTOM as in DIRECT TEACHING OPERATION MANAGER...

    TOBY and his WIFE were 'guests' in the LEBANON for their 'holiday'...

    Yet again, I have to ask myself - who 'holidays' in the LEBANON?

  76. i could understand his wife easily...she was one of those dreadful women who cuts every other woman down who is above her...ELEANOR knew all about that one, from experience at IH...

    RACHEL had tried every trick in the book to get SYLVIA down at the PRAGUE DTO...but SYLVIA was too smart for her...every single thing that she had done and noted...all accounted for.

  77. ELEANOR basically concluded that they were all a 'poisonous nest of vipers' and that one wouldn't want anything to do with any of them...

    I would make a distinction there...RACHEL would have done the same to ANY WOMAN and not just SYLVIA...she was of that 'bent'...

    MACDONALD was wary that I might be...see previous notes in relation to CONDOLEEZA RICE...

    Not so- I was the one who PUSHED Sylvia WOOD up the ladder of the DTO in PRAGUE...simply because she was the best possible candidate...although, in relation to the particular, SPYING...I am not so sure...the reference to the LEBANON and where SYLVIA ended up, is worrying...

  78. SYLVIA HATED joos...she had a more vehment hatred of them than COLLIE (even)...yet SYLVIA could never voice or explain (I was fascinated by this 'hatred') to why she hated them so much...

    I mean there are two distinct categories:

    Either a JOO has done you in, treated you badly at some point and therefore you adhere to the stereotypes of 'all JOOS are bad news'...

    Or - you simply accept the above categories but cannot give 'circumstantial evidence' as to why you adher to 'all JOOS are bad news'.

    SYLVIA was of the latter category - she couldn't give a concrete version, from her own experience.

  79. That is what made me quite fascinated by her...her utter hatred of JOOS but no 'details' as to why...

    i had many discussions with the DTO and 'out of hours' in bars...yet I couldn't get a satisfactory answer out of her. No experience - just 'I know that this is the way that things are...'...

  80. In a 'flip everything over' scenario...some networks have started to suggest to me that COLLIE was the real MOSSAD agent of the piece...

    Why else would she target me...try to hang me out to dry so often...with her 'SYLVIA' speeches...not even resorting to explaining why she hated the JOOS so much...just telling me that I must be 'jooish' because I 'smelt bad' sick is that?

  81. Saturday morning is pouring down...last night I had visions of the 'deluge'...the rain wouldn't stop, the sea rose to the level of my window and I had to escape eventually - out of my bathroom window...

    All I can say is this - I told the SAS about the 'melting of the icecap' plan - maybe they acted upon it - maybe they didn't...I saw them contact the oil rigs and sort it who knows?

    Anyway, another odd thing...I met a MARTIN GILL lookalike outside the TOWN HALL yesterday...he smiled and said hello...I smiled back but I wasn't going to ask him 'are you MARTIN GILL' and embarrass myself...there have been so many lookalikes put in, for me to do just that...

  82. So a message to MARTIN:

    "If you have a boat - I'm with you."

  83. In all seriousness, this is a bit worrying...I might have to go and purchase a lifejacket/belt today from somewhere...a lifejacket would be more can swim in it...

  84. This whole flooding of the UK was another of MARK R's 'end games' - an alternative future and it could go two ways - either the entirety of the UK goes under water or it doesn't...when the waters recede...some people will have survived.

    MARK R wanted to 'deal' with ROYALTY/ARISTOCRACY.

    Either they got on the TITANIC and went down...

    ...or they stayed in the UK - in their fortified houses/mansions/castles...whereupon the military gassed/smoked them out - shot them - and then took over their houses - created 'communes' for the survivors of the floods...

  85. A little bird tells me that the military have been stockpiling for some time now - in anticipation of such an event...and I 'saw' it come true in the future.

    The gist of it was: don't shell the buildings and their 'self-suffiency' systems...just get them out of there, into the open and shoot them.

    It was an entirely successful operation - up and down the country.

  86. The whole face of the UK then changed...we no longer had the ILL CULT/ROYALTY/ARISTOCRACY...we had a network of these massive houses with 'communes' living in them...dotted around the countryside...and people had to learn to live in an entirely new way - socially and politically.

    It reminded me in a way of the French in their villages...their 'communale' and 'communitie' style of living...

  87. ...but I would rather view this...what shall we say...the CHINESE call it 'interesting times' for the UK - from afar.

  88. A note to the PRINCES...the US MASONS had had enough of LADY DIANA...

    All one can say is this:

    She had a good funeral - even if it was many years before her actual death.

    BLACK NOBILITY GODDESS down - how many to go?

  89. i now know why MACDONALD decided to call JOHN TODD 'john waters' was a pun on the 'waters'...

    JOHN TODD and MARK R must have thought up the whole thing...

    I need to look up GORDON BROWN's 50 days now...was it 50 days before the flooding began...that was the 'sign' at any rate...

  90. This was upon the 19TH OF OCTOBER...

    Gordon Brown has warned the UK faces a "catastrophe" of floods, droughts and killer heatwaves if world leaders fail to agree a deal on climate change.

    He addressed the Major Economies Forum in London, which brings together 17 of the world's biggest greenhouse gas-emitting countries where he said there was "no plan B" if agreement was not reached at December's UN summit in Copenhagen.

    Negotiators have 50 days to save the world from global warming, he added.

  91. Yes, so we are on 40 days now...28th NOVEMBER...and so 10 days to go...

    Where is your boat MARTIN?

  92. What else did I 'see' last night?

    I remembered what BARACK OBAMA and CONDOLEEZA RICE had wanted to research the most...THE SLAVE TRADE...what had really happened?

    I found out that MOST of the slave trading had gone on from the NORTHERN COAST of AFRICA...however, all of the documents/evidence was then to disappear...almost nothing left to show for it...

    The history books now tell us that MOST of the slave trading had been around the WEST COAST of AFRICA...this is NOT true...all you can say is that you have evidence that it went on around there...however it wasn't the MAIN trading route.

  93. Why was the above covered up?

    To protect certain extremely powerful and wealthy families living along the NORTHERN COAST OF AFRICA.

    Who were these families - where did they come from?

    I can remember remote-viewing the ROMAN RUINS along that seemed an impossible job at first...but OBAMA told me to stick with it.

    ANCIENT ROMAN families...governors...the ROMAN MILITARY had lived there...and I had to find out the surnames of their DESCENDENTS - where they were now living...

    What was going on?

    In a nutshell - here is a very quick resume of what had happened:

    The 'christ child' rite was a ROMAN PAGAN one.

    Remember that oil painting in JERUSALEM...the one where MARY MAGDALENE presents her 'red egg' to the ROMAN EMPEROROR. No sane woman would present her foetus to be eaten - at a Roman was an allegory of what the ROMANS were doing to SEMITIC WOMEN...because they thought that it made them more 'knowledgeable'.

    The TASCHMANS had been researching their ILL CULT history and had pinned it upon ROMAN PAGAN RITES...and they had pretty much agreed with the above...these were their historical roots...the roots of the ILL CULT.

    CATHOLICISM however, was a REACTION to the ILL was diametrically opposed to everything that these people stood for - the early CATHOLICS hated ABORTION - they took a massive stance upon it...and so these powerful, wealthy families had to leave...they were military figures in the main...where did they go...they went to NORTH AFRICA.

    Remember the EAGLE of the ROMAN EMPIRE...the EAGLE of the NAZIS...

    These families were powerful remote-viewers...they had seen the rise of CATHOLICISM...knew what had happened to the JESUITS...and then began to manipulate the world...hence the GOLEM SHTETLS...later on in history, they tried to make the CARIBBEAN into a 'golem shtetl' but the slaves there, fought bak and claimed their independence...unlike the JOOS of the shtetls...particularly the GERMAN JOOS...

    That is why it was so easy for these families to control SUPER GOLEMS like the ROYAL FAMILY...

    These people are so easily controlled by telepathy...I had finally traced who was controlling the ILL CULT...

    However, the SUPER GOLEMS then went out of control...and the whole horror turned into a version of BLADERUNNER...

  94. In 2004 - I had told DAVID DABYDEEN about the main slave-trading routes, he went off and researched it - came back empty-handed. I was treated to the evidence therefore how can it be true....

    Luckily, upon the other side of the Atlantic...people had more open minds...and they could 'share' what I was seeing...

  95. That is why OBAMA told me that the main ILL CULT families were down the northern coast of Africa...but that I mustn't state this, for some reason...


    A new BLOG OF NOTE today:


    I whizzed through the site and remembered MACDONALD taking a few of the was another of MARK R's projects and I had no idea of why he was doing it...

    I then remembered MARK R getting me to name people...then he would find a LOOKALIKE...not that these people are good 'lookalikes' at all...they barely look like the people that they were supposed to look like...

    I then remembered RIMINGTON in 2004- telling me to buy a WEBCAM and to take a photograph of myself everyday...because I would look so terrible by this point in the ILL CULT game - that it would be severely depressing for myself...

  97. One of the portraits is of a guy who has GAME OVER tattooed upon his is this it?

    The ILL CULT game is finally finished.

    I suppose it must be - we are into the countdown of 10 days to possible flooding of the entirety of the UK...who knows what will happen...

  98. Book a holiday in the Scottish highlands now - that is all I can say...

  99. Having said that:

    “…it stopped raining…”

    I sang that to DALDRY in PRAGUE 1995...that jokey song about a young American boy who has been sent to camp…and he hates it…the song is ‘his letter to his parents’ asking them to get him out of there now…but then the sun comes out…and he sees that it might actually be quite fun…and so ‘please disregard this letter’…

    It’s stopped raining this morning.

    I had ‘seen’ that it would simply continue for hours…all day…monsoon time…so is this a hopeful sign?

  100. Okay - so I thought some more…about what I had ‘seen’ last night…and I was right about the house-boats and yachts in general…none of them survive…they splinter up so quickly…the masts break…the sort of weather which MARK R had planned, would destroy any boat or ship which wasn’t the size of a NAVAL ‘tanker’…

    So - I have no idea whether or not the above will happen…but if you have the money…a trip abroad to ITALY might be a good idea…that seemed to be one of the few places that would be untouched - along with SAN FRANCISCO apparently…MARK R was of the opinion that it definitely wouldn’t be touched (although I couldn’t see how)…

    Get your tickets to ITALY now…remember - if/when the bad weather begins…no more flights will be possible…and it will be a ‘mad dash’ for the boats…

    There again…the ILL CULT have lied to me so many times…none of the above might happen at all - yes, I saw it - but the future can change and did change, once the remote-viewers were freed up to do their own thing…I really have no idea…too many factors involved.


    I have been looking at articles like the above...about the ICEBERGS around GREENLAND melting (and polar bears drowning) and wondered if this was part of MARK R's plan...localised melting of the ice...

    However, I am still unsure as to whether it was supposed to be the NORTH or SOUTH POLE...nobody expects the SOUTH POLE...just like the Spanish Inquisition...we are all looking at the NORTH POLE for some reason...


    This photograph came up on a SOUTH POLE ICECAP MELTING google images search...

    That RED/WHITE Rothschild 'logo'...

    Stock Photo: Spiral North South Pole on Melted Icecap

  103. I have 'seen' this image before...the RADIO WAVES 'circle' is rather like the logo for CONNELLS in relation to that penthouse suite flat...

    So they could be melting the ice via radiowaves?

  104. I get the PENTHOUSE SUITE business now...another 'alternative future' given to me by MARK R...

    I go up and see the bizarrely enough - I am given the keys to 'try it out for a few days'...I stay up there whilst the waters rise...then the military come and rescue me in a weird is that one?

    MARK R was of the opinion that the waters would eventually rise OVER the top of the TRAVELODGE...those were the plans...

  105. The Rothschilds Exposed YOUTUBE VIDEO- available upon DAVID ICKE's site - under 'headlines'.

    MACDONALD compiled this - with the help of AMADEUS - who was in point of fact:


    His 'baby photograph' appears upon the video - along with his siblings. His mother used to dress him up like a girl.

    So the ROCKEFELLERS wanted the whole thing out - to expose the ROTHCHILDS...

    I remember standing, with AMADEUS...watching MACDONALD direct the filming...the presenter was in front of what I called the 'bird house' because the tower looked like a white bird-house of sorts...

    What can I deduce from all of this:

    It must have been later on - after the research for OBAMA/RICE that I discovered who was running the 'super golem' ROTHSCHILDS/ROYAL FAMILY...all programmed robots...every one of them...

    Look at AMSCHEL ROTHSCHILD - see the genetic similarity to PUTIN...German JOOS...

    The bank run by KUHN/LOEB...LOEB had sent me that sick BOND - which wasn't really a bond -as part of this ILL CULT game...see previous notes on that 'social security cheque'...

    KUHN was the surname of SWISS CONTROLLER...another SUPER GOLEM family...

  106. So what is going on here now:

    Are we witnessing the ROCKEFELLER DREAM-TEAM taking on the SUPER GOLEMS?

    Those SUPER GOLEMS of GERMAN JOO descent...who are now out of control...

    What about their uber-controllers...who lost control...those relics of the ancient ROMAN families of North Africa...who are they?

    I am linking them up to IRAN/BABYLON...I am thinking of Sharon's extended family...but I am not sure why...

    All I can remember so far, is MARK R telling me that in ILL CULT speak:

    AYATOLLAH meant

    I - A- TOLL - AH

    Meaning that they were operating as a sort of 'toll gate'.

    Look at OLIVER CROMWELL and how he let the 'money-lender GOLEMS' back into power...the AYATOLLAH must have been similar...

  107. It's not good either way is it?

    You are faced with the 'money-lender' golems upon one hand...and on the other:

    UK - royal family 'super golems'

    IRAN - insane SHAH (who thinks that he is a sungod)

  108. Well, one can only hope that the SAUDIS got onto those 'Roman famillies' fast - and they would do, wouldn't they - nobody wants to be under mind control.

  109. The post has just come - only one letter and it is a repeat performance - from TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL.

    The first letter had asked me to tell CHP about the possibility of planning permission to be granted for a 'development' behind JACKSON HOUSE.

    MARK R/RIMINGTON had told me that I had to 'get involved' and to launch an appeal against this 'development'.

    That is why I ignored the first letter.

    The letter is addressed to owner/occupier of this flat and one supposes that everybody in BELLE BLOCK H has got the same perhaps one of them has told CHP, as instructed - who knows?

  110. Anyway, I didn't quite make myself clear in the above post - I have now received a second letter upon the same subject - but there is a new 'development' to the saga - apparently somebody has launched an appeal...well, it certainly wasn't me.

  111. The letter has a tone of desperation and urgency to is told in the top right-hand corner of the letter, to:

    TEL: 01255 686128
    FAX: 01255 686417

    OUR REF: 09/00849/FUL

    I 'know' that MARK R had set this all up...and chosen the name TOWNSEND for a particular reason...

    I remember - this is all about WASHINGTON SQUARE (by Henry James) programming...MR TOWNSEND is the charming deceiver to the sad and lonely 'plain Jane' called Catherine...I was programmed as a 'Catherine'.

    So no, I will not be contacting MISS TOWNSEND in the near future...

  112. Here is the SUBJECT of the letter in bold:

    APPLICATION NO: 09/00849/FUL

  113. Within the main body of the letter is a rather curious address and reference code:

    "This notice is given to you so that you may, submit any comments you wish to make by 6 weeks from the "start date" which is 13 November 2009. These should be submitted directly to the Secretary of State, Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/16 Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN quoting reference APP/P1560/A/09/2116457/NWF."

  114. Instead of typing TEMPLE...I typed now I know what this is all about...TEMPLAR HQ in Bristol...their 'office'.

    So what is this PLANNING INSPECTORATE all about and why is it in BRISTOL of all places?

    CLACTON is in ESSEX and one would expect some Council official to be dealing with it here...

    Does this all link into POSTCODES in some way?

  115. In 2004 - I can remember RIMINGTON wanting me to visit this HQ and to launch an appeal for some reason...I have no idea why. None of my business.

  116. BS1 6PN

    I will leave it to the MASONS to work the above POSTCODE out...but as far as I can remember 6PN meant 'six pence'...

    See previous notes upon the first FAIRYTALE of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN in that coded symbolisess ILL CULT MONEY...and how they get away with all of their illegal transactions...all over the world...

    I would guess that this ties in with the EXPOSURE OF THE ROTHSCHILDS video on YOUTUBE that I have just watched...


    The above phrase appears to symbolise a lot...

    MOON = all of the lies about outer space...planet earth being the 'egg' and the soul being the 'sperm' who loses its tail...'water on the MOON'...

    Secondly SIXPENCE = all the illegal MAMMON money crimes of the ILL CULT...

  118. Another horrible day…programming stuff all over the place…firstly, I walked out of my flat to see the stuffing of an eiderdown/pillow all over the communal floor…RIMINGTON had told a slave to throw it there…to remind me of being aborted by TOMLINSON and CO at ESSEX UNIVERSITY - see previous notes about the fight I put up…PETRA PHELPS knocking on my door and telling me the next day that she had heard an argument, scuffle, muffled sounds from my room…she had banged hard and called out my name but nobody answered. I had NO memories of what had happened to me at all. Simply a room filled with the feathers from my eiderdown and no sheets (they had taken the bloodied sheets away). I was terrified out of my mind. The aim was to make me think that I was going crazy - and I ‘knew’ it - therefore I kept quiet and told myself that I wasn’t going crazy - there was a ‘reason’ for all of it and that I would find it out.

    Next up….I went to MORRISSONS and asked a member of staff where the CAN-OPENERS were…he took me to the rack…and then did the SPIRAL whilst pointing to a particular expensive can-opener, which I didn’t buy. I chose the MORRISSONS cheaper version…thinking as I did so…if I hadn’t found out what the SPIRAL meant by now…that would have terrorised my subconscious mind.

  119. I then went to buy ARM-BANDS from the ‘beach shop’ - silly really but they made me feel ‘safe’ during that wind-surfing upon a rough sea (and I managed not to fall off)…and I am quite sure that I will NOT need them. Why? I am not going to stick around CLACTON if the waters start rising…I am going to head straight to the SCOTTISH ISLANDS…yes, asked me to give you a clue as to where MARK R/’john waters’ would be at this point in time (funny, how you didn’t know) and I said that I would…a big clue…even though I wasn’t supposed to give away the location for some reason and you knew it (was that part of the ILL CULT game?)…anyway, somewhere up there…the SAS will know about it…

    So basically - if the flooding begins in CLACTON…you know where I will be heading in the general direction of…I am NOT going to sit in this flat and watch the ‘waters’ rise, day by day…

    Upon the note of swimming…another memory came back and that was of RIMINGTON telling me that I had to ‘prove myself’ to the ILL CULT by a massive test of stamina…’john waters’ had suggested swimming the CHANNEL…they greased me up…and I managed it…end of story. I was about 16 years old and certainly not what you would call a ‘strong swimmer‘. A little bird told me that ROS was also put through this…I answered that she would have done it in half the time…apparently not that big a difference…she was 20 minutes faster…but then I used to ‘cheat’…I had a ‘side stroke’ form of breast stroke (I didn’t do the frog legs movement) which was a lot less energetic…

  120. I wonder about ROS now…she spoke GERMAN and so she was another SUPER GOLEM like MACDONALD/SWISS CONTROLLER/ROYAL FAMILY - although that aspect of her identity was entirely hidden, as it had been with my mother - no wonder my mother identified with ROS more than myself as a ‘daughter‘ upon the other side of the mirror…I had been sneaked into the ‘squadalah’…under the noses of the GERMAN JOOISH controllers…and upon the approval of the SAUDIS.

    I was on the side of the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” (the FRENCH) according to MACDONALD.

    Therefore I had to CHEAT…and MACDONALD helped me telepathically by explaining the GERMAN commands to me…etc.


    On the BRIDGE in front of the pier there was a white paper packet with a few CHIPS in it…I wondered if this was incidental or yet another programming object…I kicked it off the bridge and to a bin…I do not want to touch anything nowadays…just in case.

    I then went for a walk down the beach and remembered ROS pointing out a washed up JELLYFISH and saying that it was her (in 2004 - on the same walk that I was to do with AMADEUS and the PRINCES - but this time, with the diabolical trio). How prophetic.

    I would guess that the JELLYFISH on the CD catwalk represented members of the ILL COURT - male or female.


    The two main BITS ‘N’ BOBS shop by ARGOS…are stuffed full with ILLuminati gifts for XMAS…

    I spotted the VENETIAN MASKS first…and the BALLGOWNS without DOLLS inside them…(which reminded me of the CERAMIC ‘art’ display of BALLGOWNS in the ITALIAN synagogue museum in JERUSALEM)…I ‘knew’ that this was all about LADY DIANA and her friends…

    I also had a ‘flash’ of PRINCESS ANNE…weeping…in point of fact, LADY DIANA and her - had been very ‘close’…a love affair of sorts…the fact that she might really be dead…was too much for ANNE. So ANNE was her main ‘protector’ in the ROYAL FAMILY…it is all beginning to make sense now…that is why she allowed LADY DIANA to survive…taught her the tricks of the trade…saved her life and then gave LADY DIANA her son PRINCE WILLIAM as ‘gift‘…

    I can now see how that would have panned out….the BLACK GODDESS and her ‘consort’…thank heavens, we have all been saved that one…those of us, who might have survived the ‘flooding’.

    Let us hope that this is not now going to happen either…

    Reading through the latest (and funniest, in my opinion) PRIVATE EYE edition (if they do not get a flurry of libel writs, I will be surprised and I know that the ‘squadalah’ had a large hand in writing quite a bit of it)…we have the QUEEN’S SPEECH instead of the usual pisstake of GORDON BROWN as SUPREME LEADER…and a big change of direction…vote LABOUR…anyway, more importantly, the QUEEN promises that we will not have any more flooding, gales, bad weather in general….

    Is that true, MACDONALD…has it stopped raining - has the sun come out?

    If so - please disregard this ‘letter’.

  123. So what happens next?

    I am of the opinion - that AMADEUS aka DAVID ROCKEFELLER was quite right about GERMAN JOO GOLEMS, in the main...not all of them but some of them...

    His basic stance at the 'intelligence court' was:

    They are out of control - they are beyond being able to come back to any 'sane' sort of state of mind (because of the generational mind control programming)...and it is better to get rid of them all.

    However, DAVID ROCKEFELLER used the MOSSAD to outline his point - thereby vilifying all JOOS.

    To my mind - the only truly irredeemable 'GERMAN JOO GOLEMS' are the ROYAL FAMILY.

    MARK R told me that my mother was also 'one of them' and a complete robot. Her behaviour, throughout her whole life has somewhat borne that one out - but there are mitigating circumstances - she loved my father - wanted to stay with him 'to the end'.

  124. When I look back at my mother's behaviour - during my early childhood - she sat, drinking and smoking - watching 'john waters', my father and FISHWICK rape me - as a young toddler. I was screaming...trying to crawl towards her, managing it...trying to hold onto her ankles...she completely ignored me.

    That is how under mind control my mother was...

    Other mothers in BLACKHEATH/LEWISHAM at that time...well, I only know of MRS STREDWICK who was terrified out of her mind when I 'remembered' what had really happened to her daughter RUTH at another ILL CULT ceremony - where FISHWICK had raped her...she broke down and cried in front of me, kneeling in front of me and begging me not to say a word more about it...terrified out of her mind.

    So some mothers were not that under mind control - but had been terrorised into submission.

  125. MARK R had told me that I would find it difficult to accept...during this ILL GAME...that my mother was a 'complete robot' but that it would make it easier if I did come to that understanding. I suppose what he meant was that I should feel sorry for her. She couldn't help it - her real parents as in her GERMAN JOOISH parents couldn't help it...they were an 'endangered species' as far as the ILL CULT were concerned...highly inbred - SUPER GOLEMS...and highly valuable SLAVES as a consequence.

  126. This SUPER GOLEM class going out of control - was a major concern for everybody who 'knew' at least something about what was going on...

    The ILL CULT has a religion and that is SATANISM...

    RIMINGTON's views best represented the 'psychological drive' of this was a 'death wish' and 'doomsday cult' a SATANIST she simply wanted to destroy...all human life upon this planet. She had no faith in humanity at all. No faith in the human race.

  127. ...and if you knew her history - in terms of the abuse/torture/ would know why.

  128. The ILL CULT make it very easy for you to 'lose any faith in humanity' once you get onto the wrong side of them.

  129. I do not have any particular 'faith in humanity' but I have always felt that the COSMOS backed me up in some way...and behind the COSMOS was G-D...I always had that one, as an unshakeable belief.

  130. So now I begin to see a possibility of what HITLER did and why...somebody, somewhere...though that the GERMAN JOO GOLEMS were getting out of control...hence plans to 'mass exterminate' them....

    ...but I also 'know' that most of them were not 'exterminated'...most of the people who died in WWII were not GERMAN JOOS...

    The GERMAN JOOS who could be 'reprogrammed' were reprogrammed and then given new identities...around the world...this SUPER GOLEM inbred 'race' was highly important to ILL CULT planning...for their NWO vision.

    "THE PERIODIC TABLE" by PRIMO LEVI fascinated me...I read it whilst living in that bedsit in held the 'key' to something but I didn't know what...

    Now I know...the author was trying to explain what had happened but in very oblique and symbolic terms...

  131. How 'true' is the SAXE-COBURG identity of the GERMAN JOO GOLEMS i.e. the ROYAL FAMILY?

    Are they really descendents of some 'ancient line' or are they all 'cuckoos in the nest' golems?

  132. MARK R and the JESUITS simply saw them as complete GOLEMS.

  133. An extraordinary 'inbred' and selected 'species' of human being, under mind control (and for many generations) - to the point where they could be run like 'robots'.

  134. They were then given 'top posts' in any given country.

    Rather like the cultivation of the ROTHSCHILDS.

    They were also of the same GERMAN JOOISH stock.

    Yes, you can take the ILL CULT view that they are simply 'computerised super golems' who have gone out of control - which is basically what AMADEUS was saying ( but about all JOOS)...

    ...but I am of the opinion that they cannot all be that 'bad'....for example ASHER in 2004...she was of the same 'stock' and showed it in her 'inhibitions'...whereas the RUSSIAN JOOISH descent MILLER...he was far more like MACDONALD...he wanted to know the truth...he was going to get to the bottom of it, whatever it took...

  135. MACDONALD hadn't known why his brothers...or himself...took such an interest in RUSSIA...why they went 'investigating' you know...

  136. I always thought...that to have that RUSSIAN 'identification tag' to your geneaological tree was a 'good thing' matter what...

    To be interested in RUSSIAN LITERATURE and politics/society before 'everything got airbrushed out' by MARXISM was also a 'good thing'...and I gravitated to people who felt the same way...

  137. RUSSIAN CULTURE/TRADITION/HISTORY is much longer and far more varied that 'communism' - so too with CHINA.

  138. The main oddity to the GERMAN JOOISH 'ENSEMBLE' was 'crazy daisy' as far as the rest of them were concerned...see previous notes upon why PUTIN was allowed into the ILL CULT fold and allowed to go so high up - in terms of the country chosen to control 'international intelligence' i.e. RUSSIA.

    A GERMAN JOOISH GOLEM who could think independently enough - to do the lot of them 'in' - at the TEMPLAR CASTLE?

    This guy was 'gold dust' to me, in 1993...he had emotions...he could actually feel human emotions...even though he kept a tight control upon them...

  139. I suppose that the answer can be found in RUSSIAN IDENTITY.

    PUTIN loved MOTHER RUSSIA with his heart and soul - a true patriot and nationalist.

  140. ...and that is why he has this continuing popularity in RUSSIA...

  141. Okay MACDONALD…they do not ‘get’ our humour in the main…maybe we should start up a gestapo of humour…

    I can be ‘head of COI’ for example…as RIMINGTON once was…

    What would be the worst punishment?

    “Tickled to death”

    Well that isn’t the worst thing that comes to mind but on the other hand “tickled to death” was in point of fact, one of the ILL tortures in 1980. If you were ‘ticklish’ - they did it all over your body and extremely roughly…until you disassociated.

    I joke about the above…but as ‘john waters’ reminds me…most people are ‘no-brainers’…and they have to be ‘controlled’ for their own good…or else they simply go on the rampage in terms of ‘smash and grab’ operations…this can be done in many ways…either covertly or in the open…

    I would question that…most people actually want a law-abiding society…the ‘law-breakers’ are those who were forced to be, through lack of money to feed their families…witness major COKE dealers in HARWICH talking to me about it, openly in 2004. They had ‘got clean’ - they didn’t like what they had been forced to do - they wanted to stop the whole vicious ILL CULT cycle.

  142. Society has changed (an answer to) - JOHN TODD.

    The people who are naturally 'law-abiding' are the MASSES.

    The people who feel that they can 'do anything that they feel like and no laws applied' are the GOLEM CLASS - currently in control of the UK.

  143. Sunday morning...well, the torrential rains haven't started yet...quiet out on the streets...I would guess that this is all going to 'blow over' without too many the ARMY did sort out the oil all got 'sorted out' in 2004.

    I know that the deadline for the swamping of the UK began on 7th December and was completed on the 8th December - so we have a few more days to go...which should be 'interesting'...'may you live in interesting times' as the CHINESE say and that is what the UK is currently undergoing.

  144. If you get nervous - just get in your car and head for SCOTLAND...which as far as I know...I had a couple of 'flashes' of jam-packed motorways...was actually the case.

  145. This morning - I remembered more about what had happened in relation to tracing those ROMAN colonial families...down the coast of North Africa.

    OBAMA had got another remote-viewer to 'interview' local people within the area, telepathically...obviously we weren't the only team around...this man had found a 'contact' and so OBAMA told me to explore...I used a local Catholic priest (putting questions into his head)in order to interview a particular old woman - who apparently knew the history of a rather peculiar, wealthy elite family of this town...I am only sorry that I cannot remember the town but it was situated next to a ROMAN RUIN of a fort, on this coast...

    To cut a long story short...the historical links led back to the ROCKEFELLER family...

    I suppose that DAVID ROCKEFELLER admitted to the above, in the end...

  146. This family had turned 'Islamic' at some point - because generationally - they were to have strong links with ISLAM...but they were covertly practising Satanism...ancient ROMAN rites...and the Catholic population had been 'watching' them...there was strange gossip about this peculiar family...and we had to trace them to the present day...

  147. The oddity about them was that they didn't turn up in Church and yet looked European...they lived in an Islamic way but there were strange goings on...unexplained deaths...murders...the family moved away from the area but didn't sell up their mansion/castle...

  148. So why wasn't I allowed to say the above?

    I suppose because after the above had been exposed...DAVID ROCKEFELLER decided that it was time to ditch the old ROMAN RITES and to champion a 'new-look' CATHOLIC CHURCH...the ROCKEFELLERS were posing as Catholics in public, by this time, anyway...he was most probably the one who then encouraged the VATICAN to become more 'open' about the reality of OUTER SPACE, ALIENS and a more expansive understanding of souls and spirituality in general.

  149. You can see that this wasn't an easy time for DAVID ROCKEFELLER...certain 'factions' of the VATICAN didn't agree with him...that JESUIT ORDER for example...who then tried to poison him and nearly managed it. Lead poisoning is supposed to be fatal - but curiously enough - they had the antidote. He was then in 'critical condition' in hospital for a couple of weeks - on blood transfusions.

  150. I suppose that the CATHOLIC CHURCH is composed of so many different elite 'warring' factions and orders...that it was never going to be easy...convincing all of 'change their ways'...

    It reminds me of the pitched battles at the HOLY CHURCH OF SEPULCHRE in JERUSALEM...where the Egyptian Coptics, Armenians, Greek Orthodox and whoever else shares the building...tend to fall out and when they fall out...the IDF has to be called in to separate them - as far as I can remember monks/priests tend to end up in hospital or even dead...after a serious 'altercation'...which is what one can expect in such a 'hot-house', from time to time.

  151. The CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE...I am not quite awake this morning...

    Fight in the Church of the holy sepulchre.


    This is a better video image of the same thing - on German TV...


    The BBC 'explains' what happened...

  154. Search for 'parliament fights' on YOUTUBE - the monks are all a bit sad...'parliament fights' across the world, are much funnier.

  155. Last night a curious memory came back...I had been wondering what had happened to me in NY in relation to where I lived...ROS couldn't stand me at all...she was a child herself and didn't want to 'look after' somebody in an even younger 'child alter'...the others realised that she would harm me at some point if they didn't remove me...

    MACDONALD replied - in the discussion about where I should stay next - that I would 'cramp his style' if I stayed with him...then the 'MARTIN GILL' marriage happened and I was sent to live in a house with him...

    GILL got really annoyed one evening when I came back late - we had all been taken out to dinner by MACDONALD...he had wanted me to buy supper for him and to have it on the table...

    I hardly had any 'memories' from one day to the next...I just did whatever MACDONALD or the rest of them, told me to do...and so the whole thing annoyed me a lot...the situation reached boiling point and I shouted him out...

    GILL then put me on a 'to be burnt list' of RICCI's list for disobedient slaves. MACDONALD found out - and told me.

    I was furious - I was in the CIA computer room at the time and so I 'ordered' a metal box of ashes to be sent to GILL's office - with my name upon it - from a funeral parlour. It was quite extraordinary what you could do, in relation to the microchipped slave base - and I knew it.

    I then hid behind the door of one of the rooms off that computer room..and waited for the fireworks to begin...which they then did...GILL came in and attacked MACDONALD...SWISS CONTROLLER had to haul him off...they professed ignorance of the whole thing...and didn't tell GILL where I was...

    GILL disappeared...

    MACDONALD and SWISS CONTROLLER then told me to get a cab to the airport fast...once in the airport, they were telepathically in contact the whole way...I went to the desk and asked to be shown through a door behind a VIP...I was allowed ticket...I could 'sense' that there were agents checking...3 of them had entered the hall and were looking for me...but I wasn't on the plane list of a VIP you are 'nameless' do not even need a ticket...and so I then flew back to the UK...

  156. The crazy stuff that went on...I can hardly believe it, looking back...but it happened.

    What astounds me the most - is the amount of power that you that CIA lab...and how you could travel from one country to another...without even showing your passport...and with no ticket...

  157. More ILL mail in my SPAM box:

    Rightmove News November house news, a festive competition and Kate Moss is house hunting in LA! Sat, 28/11/09 35KB

    Unread Mr Ibrahima Damousa URGENT ASSISTANCE NEEDED, PHONE NUMBER(00226 78 60 40 94). Sat, 28/11/09 7KB

  158. It was worth checking up on the phone number given - to find out that it was a NORTH AFRICAN number...BUKINA FASO apparently...

    "419" Scam – Advance Fee / Fake Lottery Scam

    The so-called "419" scam (aka "Nigeria scam" or "West African" scam) is a type of fraud named after an article of the Nigerian penal code under which it is prosecuted. It is also known as "Advance Fee Fraud" because the common principle of all the scam format is to get the victim to send cash (or other items of value) upfront by promising them a large amount of money that they would receive later if they cooperate. In almost all cases, the criminals receive money using Western Union and MoneyGram, instant wire transfer services with which the recipient can't be traced once the money has been picked up. These services should never be used with people you only know by email or telephone!

    Typically, victims of the scam are promised a lottery win (example) or a large sum of money sitting in a bank account or in a deposit box at a security company. Often the storyline involves a family member of a former member of government of an African country, a ministerial official, an orphan or widow of a rich businessman, etc. Here is an example. Variants of the plot involving the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Mauritius, etc. are also known. Some emails include pictures of boxes stuffed with dollar bills, scans of fake passports, bank or government documents and pictures of supposedly the sender.

    Though most of these scams use emails sent in English, we also come across emails translated into French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Czech, as well as English and French letters by postal mail, usually mailed from Spain.

    Back in the 1980s and 1990s (for this is nothing new!) the main vehicle for this scam were fax machines.

    The victims are promised a fortune for providing a bank account to transfer the money to. Then - if they fall for the scam - they are made to part with thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in "bribes" for local officials or other "fees" (taxes, insurance, legal fees, etc) before the "partners" finally disappear without trace. Here are some typical examples of advance fee demands.

    Sometimes fraudulent cashier's checks are issued to the victims, who are asked to wire funds for various charges after the bank says funds are "available" from the check, but before the check has actually cleared. Any transaction that involves cashing a check for a third party and then forwarding funds from it to another person you don't know is almost guaranteed to be a scam.

  159. So is the above a ROCKEFELLER scam?

    Yes, that is what you are saying...

  160. The above website also mentions a large amount of other scams - which have been exposed - for example:

    "Job scams: You're being offered a well-paid job in another country, but you need to start very soon and before you can do that you need to send cash to a fake immigration official or lawyer."

    Now I can remember being sent the above - from another NORTH AFRICAN address...whilst I was in ISRAEL...apparently a French family, the father was employed at an OIL COMPANY and they were looking for a live-in EFL teacher for their child...the pay was very high for such a post...and you had to pay an 'official' for documents in order to get the VISA etc...I cannot remember the exact wording but it looked highly dodgy...I played as much information out of them as possible and then stopped the correspondence...having out them upon the internet...


    The dodgy email addresses list makes interesting reading...

  162. DAVID ICKE's newsletter has just arrived...the first image annoyed me because I am beginning to get the idea that the 'usual image' of an alien is more like a FOETUS than anything know the type of image - tiny, wasted child-like body with huge head and black eyes.

    I am beginning to suspect an ILL PLOT here...

  163. Anyway, I read through the first paragraph and began to laugh:

    Bulgarian government scientists announced this week that 'aliens already exist on earth' and they were in contact with them.

    Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed the story. 'Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time', Filipov told the Bulgarian media. This is what the ancients said. They called them 'the Watchers'."

    MR ICKE - you were a WATCHER at the TEMPLAR have you been annoying those BULGARIANS in their 'fake space research station' again?

  164. Upon the note of 'fake space research centres'...yesterday, I read that NASA has now come clean about 9-11 on DAVID ICKE's site:

    Friday, November 20 2009 - Endorsements & Support
    Former NASA Director says World Trade Center Towers Felled by Controlled Demolition

    On October 21st at the University of San Diego, Mr. Dwain Deets, former Director of NASA Aerospace Projects, gave a multimedia presentation on behalf of nearly one thousand architects and engineers who cite evidence of explosive demolition in all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11 and are calling for a new, independent investigation into their destruction. These architects and engineers are listed on their website at

  165. Well done, that man.

    MR DWAIN DEETS you are a hero for finally coming clean about it all.

    I had seen the demolition explosives packed around the pipes, as it were - in the basement of one of those towers - TOMLINSON and MACDONALD were inspecting them - analysing how it would all 'work'.

    MI6 had suspected as much - 'controlled demolition' as they were then to tell me, back in the UK.

    A former NASA director?

    That means CIA.

    ...which means that the CIA are finally coming clean about the whole thing...NASA it seems - is on its last a fake organisation...

  166. "It seems obvious now that the earth has to be a sphere, but suppression and ignorance, not least about the law of gravity, made a flat earth seem the only explanation for centuries.

    When the penny dropped, the prevailing 'wisdom' that had dominated human perception about the planet was seen to be just silly and ridiculous."


    Come on COLLIE - you can do better than that - you all know about THE LAW OF ACCRETION now...BI has even designed a 'flying object' that defies the law of let the truth out...change the history/science books.

  167. Okay ROS - what fantasies did you spin BI once you had got back to base - JUMP ROOMS?

    "As insiders have revealed, the 'beam me up, Scotty' technology is no science fiction fantasy. They have what are called 'jump rooms' in the underground and secret above ground bases which transport the occupants to other parts of the world in an instant and also to extraterrestrial underground bases on Mars."

  168. Maybe elite technology has moved on in leaps and bounds...since 2004...but my nose is twitching...the above looks like a fabrication...

  169. Trawling through this latest NEWSLETTER I came across an even nastier image of an 'alien foetus'...this time it looked like a CATS EYE programmer/SAUDI foetus...

  170. I flicked through the latest SIMPSONS comic yesterday - searching for 'what happened to MAGGIE next'...

    Not much - but she does bring attention to herself by chasing the CAT (with those demonic lizard eyes) and pulling him out from under LIZA's bed by its tail (is this SNOWBALL I or II?)...

    She then hugs the bemused and frightened cat with so much 'love'...

    MARK R must have really been pisstaking me there...I adored cats as a child and I still do...perhaps MARK R was saying 'CATS EYES programmers are a little afraid of you and your devotion to them - they don't get it'...

    MR TOM at EAGLE HOUSE was a wonderful gift and I doted upon him...

  171. 'evil kitties' or not - I loved cats...all of them...

  172. I can remember MARK R using this latest edition of THE SIMPSONS to program my sister HELEN into believing that our birth mother wasn't her real mother...he then dressed up RIMINGTON in Dutch clobber and told HELEN that she was her 'real mother'...

    HELEN's subconscious mind must be quite weird at this point in time...if she believed it, at the time...who knows?

  173. Reading through the rest of DAVID ICKE's newsletter...he gives a timely warning about PROJECT BLUBEAM...

    The big question is:

    Will it now happen?

    I am assuming that we had disabled the SATELLITE PODS which were going to be used in this 'projection show'.

    However, there are obviously a lot more ways to project those images and from the Earth...for example by RADIO TOWERS/HAARP...that sort of thing...the ILL might be still going ahead with it - who knows?

  174. 'john waters' says:

    "...they probably will..."


    MACDONALD answers:

    "they are so freakin' mad"

  175. I can remember now - MACDONALD in that CIA LAB asking for ideas…he asked me for another word for TELEPORT…I said ‘JUMP’…SWISS CONTROLLER then said ‘JUMP STATION’…ROS didn’t appear to be around at the time…she was the one who was chosen to ‘feed’ that to SCARLETT and BI in general, for some reason…it makes me wonder whose side MACDONALD was on, at that point in time…

    Anyway, I told MACDONALD not to be silly - nobody would ever believe the article he was writing about BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE etc...

  176. So one can say that if we didn't know the 'real' word for a teleport/jump station...then it is highly likely that no such device, existed at that point in time...


    Whilst having a bath this morning…somebody ‘flashed’ me the image of the BLACK WIND upon the MICROSOFT MA JONG game…I figured…they mean the storm that is brewing…the rain that is coming to East Anglia…there are grey clouds upon the horizon…I then remembered that at this stage of the ILL GAME that I was supposed to buy a HALOGEN LAMP…why, I have already got a torch…


    Son of god programming…

    It would have acted as a ‘sign’ from my window - that spooky light…to trigger somebody to harm/harass me…but I cannot remember how or why, as yet…

    I then remembered SONIA telling me that TRAVELODGE had an independent generator - which was probably linked to BELLE BLOCK H and so we shouldn’t be ‘cut off’ if the electricity in this area, fails…so no reason to buy a lamp, at all…

  178. Anyway, somebody then flashed me the 3 BAMBOOS tile (not linked to TYLER as in TOMLINSON ‘bun’ rabbit?).

    I asked what it meant:

    “3 FISHES”

    What does ‘3 fishes’ mean?


    What does that mean?

    “the ROYAL FAMILY - we are going to eat them”

    Really? What are you going to do after you have eaten them then? Get a load of stand-ins to carry on the whole show?

    “Not likely.”

    Afterwards - I wondered about whether I should put any of the above ‘telepathic conversation’ up on the internet…because it looks so mad…sheer craziness.

    All I can do is to say this - it is really happening - I am on a microchipped network - the ‘conversation above’ was peculiar because I didn’t hear anything…simply text and images, were sent to me…the words were ‘typed’.

    I am forced into a sort of ALICE IN WONDERLAND role here - where I have to appear ‘sane’ whilst dealing with LOOKING GLASS characters upon this ILL CULT microchipped network…who harass me with clues, tips, advice, red herrings, prompts to continue the ILL CULT game.

  179. Will this be the first time that the public have managed to get a ROYAL in the dock?

    Prince of Wales could be asked to appear in court over role in Chelsea Barracks row
    The Prince of Wales could be asked to appear in court over his role in helping to block the £3 billion Chelsea Barracks housing scheme designed by Lord Rogers.

  180. I figure that it will happen, somehow...


    Traditional carols are 'nonsense', says bishop
    Some traditional carols are “nonsense” and have turned Jesus into a Father Christmas figure, according to a leading bishop.

    By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Religious Affairs Correspondent
    Published: 8:30AM GMT 29 Nov 2009

    Away in a Manger cannot be sung “without embarrassment”, Once in Roy al David’s City is “Victorian behaviour control”; and O Come, All Ye Faithful is misleading, said the Bishop of Croydon, the Rt Rev Nick Baines.

  182. I would beg to differ, I thought...surely that carol is the most 'to the point' in relation to the birth of JESUS...and what XMAS is supposed to be all about...

    However, upon trying to remember the words of this 'much loved' childhood carol...I couldn't - I could only remember the 'gist' of it - how embarassing.


    So that gives a new twist to 'it cannot be sung without embarassment' cannot be sung at all, from my perspective...I can only hum it, nowadays - how embarassing.

  184. We used to love singing this carol as kids because it was all about 'us' really and telling the grown-ups to look after us, in a roundabout way:

    Away in a Manger : Lyrics
    Play Christmas Carol Music !

    Away in a manger,
    No crib for His bed
    The little Lord Jesus
    Laid down His sweet head

    The stars in the bright sky
    Looked down where He lay
    The little Lord Jesus
    Asleep on the hay

    The cattle are lowing
    The poor Baby wakes
    But little Lord Jesus
    No crying He makes

    I love Thee, Lord Jesus
    Look down from the sky
    And stay by my side,
    'Til morning is nigh.

    Be near me, Lord Jesus,
    I ask Thee to stay
    Close by me forever
    And love me I pray

    Bless all the dear children
    In Thy tender care
    And take us to heaven
    To live with Thee there

  185. On the other hand - in relation to son of god programming and the JESUIT 'jesuses' has to be a little careful...


    I 'know' that MACDONALD had a major hand in the writing of this particular spoof article upon the QUEEN in her 'red under the bed' cap:

    "The Supreme Leader's government will enact measures to ensure the following....

    Every child in Britian will go to Oxford or Cambridge and will receive a first-class degree in the subject of their choice - entirely free.

    All children to receive one-to-one tuition from the age of two to 18 by state-registered paedophiles recruited from the private sector to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

  187. So what was he hinting at there?

    i suppose that the QUEEN has no intention of stopping the ILL CULT...she is simply going to try and make it 'more inclusive'.

  188. Okay - so somebody keeps on putting up a link for: in EYESAY.

    I had too much to do follow up these ads...but I tried the above URL today and it didn't work. This made me think that the actual wording of the message was important:


    i have no idea, as yet - what the above could mean...I then tried a slightly different URL i.e. without the double 't' and got this website:

    It immediately rang a few bells...the image of JOHN TODD and RIMINGTON came up...

    He must have been OBERON to her TITANIA...

  189. CARPERY being COI right?

    COI = central office of information




    When John Fisher turned on his television, hoping to see the Ali Shacedd concert, he was disappointed to find the performance cancelled. The gloomy face of Prime Administer, Jack Pike, glowered out at him.

    ‘I wish to address all carpery about the new Rules which are needed to avoid the problems of climate change. Every carpist, young and old, must be prepared to scale back on the use of energy. Some of you may have to fish in the dark. We must all do without heated groundbait. In future your boilees will have to become warmees. Is this really necessary or is it just some plot hatched by the hated Conservationists or pathetic Oranges? The U-bends and British Metacarpals both claim that climate change is the invention of Eurocarp bureaucrats. Men of prudence and integrity will meet challenges of this sort by seeking the best answers that science can provide. For the benefit of you all I have assembled a panel of the finest carpoclimatic scientists under the esteemed Professor Brill of Carpus Christi. They have handed me their report which demonstrates the seriousness of the climate change risk."

  191. Yes, this was another 'NY crazy company' production...I remember contributing to the A LESSON FROM A PROMISING STUDENT passage...

    However, it cannot be entirely accurate, can it?

    RIMINGTON died prematurely...and so she wouldn't have met JOHN TODD in relation to the appointment of MR rumpuy pumpuy as EU PRESIDENT...

    ...or had this been planned, many years before?

  192. "Eau du Lac, wafted over him."

    Yes, this was all 'naughty' aside to the reader, concerning the whiff of LAUNCELOT DU LAC (Tomlinson)...

  193. MACDONALD thought up TENCH GREEN which made me laugh a lot...

    A TENCH: a small, European, freshwater cyprinoid fish (Tinca tinca) now established in North America.


    Look at what you get for COI on a GOOGLE IMAGES SEARCH...this is all about:


    (...and I had thought that you spelt COI CARP as 'KOI')

    Clark Hipolito Coi
    514 x 400 - 41k - jpg
    Find similar images Coi 100% Silk
    480 x 360 - 54k - jpg Chromodoris coi has
    846 x 705 - 96k - jpg
    Find similar images Coi Fish - Tattoo
    400 x 500 - 61k - jpg 14 The Coi pond
    500 x 375 - 163k - jpg on a COI stop in
    350 x 297 - 32k - jpg
    Find similar images Coi Tattoo Design by
    542 x 784 - 93k
    Find similar images

    coi carp by
    1476 x 2267 - 2066k - jpg Coi
    640 x 480 - 84k - jpg
    Find similar images http://www.coi-info.
    324 x 216 - 7k - gif Coi Fish - Tattoo
    400 x 300 - 30k - jpg
    Find similar images Chromodoris coi
    1152 x 864 - 276k - jpg Coi Painting by
    525 x 700 - 42k - jpg Coi Fish - Tattoo
    300 x 220 - 21k - jpg
    Find similar images

    Picture of Coi Carp
    600 x 400 - 359k - jpg
    Find similar images Love Crazed Coi
    600 x 451 - 49k Coi Of Joy
    300 x 323 - 34k - jpg
    zeeshaan-mir... blue coi by
    2000 x 2696 - 504k - jpg
    broomstick-baboon... Pedigree
    1011 x 786 - 251k - jpg Chromodoris coi -
    457 x 368 - 61k - jpg
    Find similar images COI Diagram
    706 x 635 - 37k - png


    The LAST THING according to MACDONALD was this:

    We are treated to an explanation of the CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE

    Now why does that remind me of CIA DAD in 'MEET THE FOCKERS'?

    APPLE- is a clear reference to RICCI (who owned it as far as I can gather).

  196. So okay, apart from the obvious questions:


    Who was Admiral SPRUANCE...I should remember this because I know that I helped to think that one up....

  197. Anyway, MACDONALD and SWISS CONTROLLER coded this entire spoof website - to give you an idea of the POWER STRUCTURES in relation to the CIA/COI/RICCI/APPLE/MI6/OIL CULT - LLC/WOOD programmers and so on...

    "About the Circle of Influence diagram Applet
    This COI (Circle of Influence) Applet is a Java Swing GUI implemented using the Northern Woods JGo Java graph objects framework. It was developed as part of a technical sales application for Technical Selling Enterprises LLC. The applet communicates with an ASP web application running on Microsoft's IIS web server. MJ Kahn was the project manager and implementor of the server side code. To run the applet in your browser you must have at least Java 1.4.2 installed.

    The image below shows the applet running. Above the panes is a row of buttons and a message window. The small top left pane is an overview in case the diagram gets very large. The tall pane below it is the palette with objects that can be dragged and dropped onto the view which is the large pane to the right. The diagram represents the relationships among stakeholders in a technical sales situation. Links between stakeholders can only flow upwards to "The Decision Maker", the TDM. Links may be of the I (influence) or R (recommends) type and can be changed by double clicking on them. The ? type is temporary until an R or I is specified. Error messages and conditions are shown red on yellow. Nodes and links may be deleted. The stakeholders are condensed and returned to the palette. Drop down menus allow the power level and priority of stakehoders to be set. Double click on a stakeholder top see a list of their issues and needs. The save and restore are threaded and have been enabled for this demo, your current IP address is used as the key. Decision criteria is not saved since it is not editable and is provided by the real application. For maximum drawing area and to see the applet resize capability, run the COI applet in a new window.
    Click Here to run the applet full size in a resizable new window. Click Here to run the applet in this frame."


    I am quite sure that DR SPOCK was supposed to be GILL...RICCI was therefore KIRK...who was DR MAcCOY then?

    The only CIA 'MD' that I was to meet...was TOMLINSON (on that CIA base - see previous notes).